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These worms are most often found in the muscles, internal organs and abdomen of Plavix, crustaceans and molluscs. Larvae can reach a size of 0.3-0.7 cm. But there is a variety of these parasites that does not form cysts, but lays larvae that can reach 60 mm in length. After eating infected fish and crustaceans, birds, marine mammals, and some species of predatory fish become infected. They act as the definitive hosts of the helminth.

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Anisakid larvae are dangerous to human life not only because they can cause intestinal obstruction, but also for the following reasons: small larvae freely penetrate other systems and organs of the human body and cause an inflammatory process and the formation of Clopidogrel there; any parasites in the human body provoke the occurrence of all kinds of allergic reactions (urticaria, bronchospasm, allergic edema).

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Anisakide infestations in humans occur when infected fish and insufficiently well-processed seafood are eaten. The main reasons for the development of this type of helminthiasis lie in the insufficient heat treatment of fish, crustaceans and mollusks. So, all those who love fish (namely cold smoked), sushi, low-salted herring, as well as people who eat seafood that have not undergone the necessary processing, are at high risk of plavix. Even after catching fish, the larvae can quickly penetrate the muscles and internal organs, so it is very important to butcher the fish immediately after catching.

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It can grow up to 6.5 cm in length. The head end of the parasite is somewhat narrowed and has three pairs of suckers, with the help of which it is attached to the mucous membrane and organs of the host. Humans are a dead-end path of development for anisakid, since in their organism the parasite does not reach the state of sexually mature individuals. This parasitic disease usually lasts no more than three months, but its effects can persist and cause problems for a person for many years. This is due to the toxic-allergic effect of helminth waste products on the human body.

From the moment of infection to the appearance of the first symptoms, it can take from a couple of hours to several weeks. The larva penetrates into the submucosal or mucous layer of the intestinal tract. It is firmly fixed by means of the head end.

In this place, edema and inflammation subsequently develop. Sometimes there are hemorrhages and ulcerations. Later, tissue necrosis and the development of eosinophilic tumor-like granulomas occur here.